Rescheduled to 25-29 August 2021

To registered players of WRC 2020: The new dates for the postponed World Riichi Championship are August 25-29th 2021, with the 25th being the opening party. Emails will be sent out in the coming weeks regarding the schedule, and the process for the postponed event. Please check your inboxes.

The WRC organizers would like to thank the players and community for the patience and kindness that has been shown in abundance since the WRC 2020 Vienna postponement. It has been a huge disappointment for the organizers, players, and fans alike.

We also understand that the situation of the pandemic across the globe varies enormously and that currently global travel restrictions remain strict. We hope that with the robust public health measures being taken internationally, the event will be able to proceed safely. We want to reassure all that we will react as flexibly as possible to regulations and restrictions. Safety should always be the priority.

We do realize that some personal circumstances may have changed since 2020 and we are formulating a procedure for seat redistribution where necessary. Further details will be forthcoming in the near future.

Thank you again for the support and love. We will be working hard to make WRC an amazing event for the community now and into the future.

Welcome to the 2020 World Riichi Championship

26-29 August 2021 , Vienna, Austria


5 Days and Nights of Riichi

Running on dates to be announced, the World Riichi Championship will be more than just a tournament. With a series of side-events and free-play on into the night, there's more than enough Mahjong for everyone!

200 Players

Invitations will be extended to top Riichi players around the world in a race to crown a new World Riichi Champion. Come and claim your seat at what will be the highest-profile Riichi Mahjong event in the world!

Legendary Personalities

WRC brings together the best Riichi players from around the globe! Get your chance to play with some of the most famous players in the JPML and M-League. Stay tuned for announcements of particular attendees!



Join us the evening of your arrival for the opening ceremony. Greet friends new and old, from near and far as you get comfortable with your surroundings. The event hall is in the heart of Vienna, Austria’s capital city famous for its musical legacy. Spend your evenings exploring the town, or come back to the venue for social play.


During the tournament, you'll have the opportunity to mingle with players at the highest levels of the game. You never know when you might come across a new tactic or strategy just by chatting with another player. With some of the best players from all over the globe expected to attend, you’re bound to gain knowledge and improve your skills. Don’t miss a lesson with one of our professional players!


Survive through the multi-day qualifying round and elimination rounds and you'll find yourself at the final table competing for the opportunity to take home the championship title. Every decision and tile draw will matter and no time to blink between each discard.


Register here, if you're a player from a non-EMA region Players from countries where the WRC quota is to be handled by the relevant national or regional mahjong association (e.g. EMA countries) should apply through that organisation, rather than through that link.

Registration will be €400 (this includes VAT). This includes lunch on each playing day, and the pre-tournament party. Everyone will play ten qualifying rounds; and there will be side events with pros, for those who miss out on the top 32 cut. Registration does not include accommodation. A booking link for InterContinental will be available shortly. You are not obliged to book through us, but booking through WRC will give you access to our special negotiated rates, which include breakfast, and also support the WRC event. For each block of rooms you book, one room will be made available to our staff and refs.


The championship will take place in the Intercontinental Hotel Vienna, a 5-star hotel in the middle of this magnificent city in the centre of Europe. It has a state-of-the-art fitness centre, and an Intermezzo Bar for classic cocktails. The hotel's modern, playful and wildly stylish Parlor Restaurant offers gourment cuisine; Café Vienna is more classically traditional, with its wood-panelled walls and the best of Viennese pastries; join us in the Club Lounge for breakfast, afternoon tea and evening drinks.


Tournament Format

WRC 2020 be an elimination tournament, with a pool of 200 players eventually narrowed down to a single World Champion. Players whose run in the main event has come to an end will have side-events, mahjong free-play, and other Vienna activities available to them!

WRC Rules 2020 Edition

WRC 2020 will continue to utilize the World Riichi Championship ruleset - the first international ruleset to be certified for competition play by authorities in Japan. Since its introduction at our first event in 2014, the World Riichi Championship ruleset has been updated and improved year over year to be a definitive guide to Riichi Mahjong play. We will be releasing the latest update early 2020. Please check back here for the updated rules.

A look back at WRC 2017, in Las Vegas USA

Video courtesy of Masters of Mahjong, Farpoint Productions

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Strauss Monument by James Mason-Hudson CC-BY-SA-4.0, wikimedia